Cliff Effect: The Voices
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Rachel Contizano

Rachel Contizano, a Denver native, moved to New York and finished community college there with highest distinction. She was employed by an apparel manufacturer, living independently in New York City, just as she wanted. Then she went on maternity leave before Christmas in 2009 and was soon notified that her job had been eliminated. She applied for unemployment benefits and received them for the full 99 weeks allowed, her job search fruitless month after month.

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Jennine Jeffries

Jennine Jeffries is a woman with an engaging smile, a firm handshake and an articulate yet unvarnished way of telling her own story: Broken and abusive childhood home, a frequent runaway and juvenile delinquent, alcohol and drug addictions as she became a popular bartender, a stint in jail. But her story doesn’t stop there.

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Jeannett Escarcega

Jeannett Escarcega has first-hand experience with what it means to suffer the cliff effect. That’s what happens when a raise in salary leads to the termination of a work support benefit, leading to what often is a big net loss for the family involved.